So what Nakamad is?

Nakamad is a company dedicated to make customized plans (nakaplans) for visiting the city of Madrid, going for a different style.

Just plans in Madrid?

Right. Planning for other cities would have no sense: we are from Madrid and we live in Madrid, ensuring firsthand and 100% updated information. This way, we do not lose track.

How does Nakamad work?

1. Fill in our questionnaire
2. Go to our online payment gateway
3. You will receive your nakaplan within 48 hours (24 hours if you chosed Express plan)

In every case, you could suggest any change (as long as they do not change the plan substantially) ore ven ask for a complete plan review: we will give you another nakaplan without any aditional fee. Don´t worry, you will always haver your nakaplan days before your arrival to Madrid.

What do I have to pay to get a nakaplan?

We think that the best way to explain it is by using a practical example:

“You and your best friend decide to come to Madrid for 3 days with a Total nakaplan (49 € x 3). You also want us to get you tickets for a music festival (50 € per ticket x 3 + 21%). Besides, you have persuaded another friend to join you (5 € x 3 days). Total: 147 + 181.5 + 15 = 343.5 € (about 38 € per day and per person).

Could I choose any plan any time in advance?

You can choose Basic or Total plans between 15 and 60 days in advance. However, Express plans can be chosen between 7 and 14 days in advance (in fact, this will be the only nakaplan avalaible in that period of time).

Why do you charge a 21% tax when buying tickets?

Oooh…the answer is clear: MINISTRY OF FINANCE. We are sorry, but that extra money goes directly to them, not to Nakamad. We will give you a detailed receipt about this issue.

You don´t make reservations of shows which require seats selection. Why not?

Imagine that we include in your nakaplan going to a Bruce Springteen concert, or The Lion King musical. And imagine that we recommend you a specific seat with an specific price. Sending you this suggestions, your review, your acceptance, your payment,…takes at least a couple of hours (being optimistic). And the seats we reccomended you, will not be avalaible (in fact, it is very likely to have sold out in that time…). Because of this, we can include this kind of events in your nakaplans but it must be you the one who has to select the seats and get the tickets. Don´t worry, we will hep you with everything we can.

I already have schedule some plans in Madrid. Could I combine them with a nakaplan?

Of course you can! With Total and Express plans, we can make it. Please send us the information before buying your nakaplan for a better evaluation.

How can I certainly know that I will like your nakaplans?

We wish we knew! However, there is something we can assure: trust us, and we will work hard with all our heart and soul to make you not like, but love your nakaplan! Have a look to WHAT NAKAMAD IS, and email us with any question to info@nakamad.com

Can I get a refund?

We would like to be honest with you: if you have already received your nakaplan, we are afraid we can refund your money. We are completely sure you understand the reason! You have avalaible our Legal Terms and the Nakamad Comitment for consultation, so you can be certain that we will do everything we can in order to give you a perfect nakaplan.

Do I need to be online to use my nakaplan?

No. You can download it in your smartphone or tablet, since it will be a PDF archive.

What does a nakaplan contain?

You will have a taiolerd plan for every day you visit Madrid, with a map with the suggested route of the day, all the places we want you to visit and the estimated time to spend there. We will include a brief description of every place and suggestions about what to do in them. At the end, there will be the “Olgui-tips” section, with relevant and useful information about your journey (suggestions, curiosities and local culture)

What happens if I have any problem with my reservations during our stay?

Our aim in this issue is very clear: we want you to fell that there will be someone there to help you, but keeping your privacy and Independence. With Total and Express plans, you will have direct connection with us by WhatsApp or emailing us, so we colud solve any problema realted to tickets, reservations or the plan itself. We are here to assist you!

Can I get my nakaplan if I still don´t know when I could go to Madrid?

We want to be the most efficient as possible so we need to know when are you going to visit us. Anyway, don´t worry: we are so flexible that you can get it from a week untill 2 months in advance!

Do you do flight and lodging reservations?

Sorry, but we are afraid we don´t! We prefered to focus on nakaplans, so we can give you the best service ever.

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